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Mark Fuller and Marjorie Chang Fuller’s Spring Hill received most every regional and national culinary accolade that a restaurant can receive. It’s once-a-week family-style supper and Monday-night fried chicken dinners became so popular in fact that in February 2012 Mark and Marjorie transformed Spring Hill into Ma’ono (literally “make tasty” in Hawaiian). The menu, an homage to Mark’s upbringing in Kauai, Hawaii, offers soulful Hawaiian comfort food with a Northwest twist, including that famous fried chicken (adapted from Mark’s grandmother’s own recipe) with a side of kimchi, rice and dipping sauces, now available every night of the week. The fried chicken is unbelievable, but take it from us, it’s even better paired with a glass of cold whisky.

Photos by Geoffrey Smith at LookatLao Studio

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